This is the ultimate quality in a man that makes women want to sleep with them

What's yours?

attractive traits in men
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What's yours?

You know that feeling when you're with someone new and you've made that decision in your head that yes, this could possibly go somewhere and yes, you're going to sleep with them? Well, it's all to do with certain qualities in your prospective partner that tick off the little boxes in your head (and heart.)

We already know how long most Brits think you should wait to have sex with someone new and what to do when first time sex with a new partner goes badly but how do we get to that point? polled over 2,000 women to ask what they found most desirable in men and the results are pretty relatable. All participants were aged 18-35 so were considered millennials who are incidentally also considered to be the most entitled generation.

When it came to looks vs. personality vs. money, 89% of women opted for a caring personality over everything. And, it really is true, if you can't rely on your partner to keep you up during even the worst of times, when can you? The 20 signs of a good relationship are all based around friendship, really, so it makes sense.

The most attractive traits in men

Caring personality – 89%

Financial security – 77%

Good looks – 75%

Desire to travel – 69%

Good sense of humour – 62%

Desire to have a family one day – 50%

Can drive/has a car – 47%

Videos you may like:

Video you may like:

High sex drive – 44%

Sociable personality – 41%

Ambition – 38%

The traits that didn't quite make the top ten cut were cooking skills, similar cultural interests, a love of animals and intelligence. Tweet us what your number one would be!

Delphine Chui