These are the 20 signs that your relationship is for keeps

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  • How many does yours tick?

    There are lots of tips and tricks to keeping your relationship a happy one available out there, with everything from the three things you should never say to your partner to the secrets of a happy relationship being starting a hobby together. The internet even told us the best age to get married (apparently).

    And, now, latest research from a survey conducted for the Two Together Railcard in the UK promises to tell us the exact signs of a successful pairing.

    It’s nothing that new, with everything from the ability to admit when you’re wrong to going out on regular date nights and having sex twice a week but it’s pretty handy to have a definitive checklist to remember to tell our significant other that we love them and appreciate them.

    These results even tell you the optimum amount of kisses and hugs you two should be exchanging in a day…

    The 20 signs of a good relationship

    You admit when you’re wrong after an argument.

    You always say ‘I love you’ before you go to sleep.

    You both share the household chores.

    You partake in regular date nights.

    You both take turns to cook.

    You have sex around twice a week.

    You share the washing up.

    You have the same taste in films.

    You met through mutual friends.

    You have an approx three year or six months age gap.

    You share two hobbies.

    You share at least three mutual friends.

    You have three date nights a month (if we’re being specific).

    You see each other as best friends.

    You kiss at least five times a day.

    You cuddle at least five times a day.

    You have one romantic meal a month.

    You take two weekend breaks a year.

    You both work full-time.

    You both have the same taste in food.

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