This is when most Brits think you should have sex with someone new

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    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    It’s the age-old question – is there a ‘right time’ to have sex with someone new? We might ‘never understand’ everything about the inner workings of a man’s mind when it comes to sex and relationships (their words, not ours), but everyone has a different opinion when it comes to whether or not they should wait or go for it with a new partner.

    Relationships are complicated, there’s no right answer to anything, and when it comes to getting it on with someone this is what scares people most.

    So why do we still panic about whether it’s okay to sleep with someone new on the first date? What about the third? Or maybe we should all just wait until we’re head-over-heels in love with someone to get between the sheets?

    The latter might sound a little far fetched, but according to a poll by YouGov Omnibus that’s when the majority of British women think you should do the deed (yes, really).

    The results showed that 15% of the women surveyed deemed the optimum time for a session with a newbie was when you were already loved up, with just 3% of the participants saying you should go for it on the first date. Sat safely in the middle was anything from the second to the fourth date.

    However, the men’s opinion on the matter was rather different, with the majority believing in the old ‘third date rule’, closely followed by 14% of those questioned opting for the second date.

    Of course, whenever you choose to do it is a completely personal decision. But this guide to the best Kamasutra positions for your pleasure will definitely come in handy when you do. You’re welcome.

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