Introducing series 2 of our Start Somewhere podcast with Sara Vaughan

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  • Marie Claire’s Start Somewhere podcast is back for series 2. Our Global Chief Purpose and  Sustainability Advisor, and Start Somewhere host Sara Vaughan, reveals what’s in store…

    I am beyond excited to be launching series two of Start Somewhere for Marie Claire.

    Its recording spanned lockdowns one and two. Just one episode was done physically in person – with Louise Mita, the incredible global healer in London just before our whole world changed. The rest all took place in what has become the ubiquitous Zoom-land.

    The theme of series two is resilience and hope. That whilst it may not be immediately obvious, out of darkness comes great light. That out of struggle and despair can come success, happiness and joy.

    The women I interviewed are each very different to each other. Each one is completely unique. And each one of them is an inspiration to me. I have learned so much from them and I do hope you do the same.

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    Start Somewhere series 2: Meet the guests

    Amanda de Cadenet: entrepreneur, author and activist

    start somewhere podcast

    The series starts with my dear friend, Amanda de Cadenet. Written off by her teachers at school, Amanda became a TV presenter at aged 14 and has gone onto become an entrepreneur, author, photographer, activist and advocate for female representation. It’s not always been easy for her and her great candour, kindness, open heartedness and humour in the face of adversity is truly heartwarming.

    Louise Mita: Founder of Integrative Quantum Medicine

    start somewhere Louise mita

    Then there is the interview with Louise Mita, The Founder of Integrative Quantum Medicine. She will literally have you bouncing about your home with her extraordinary, infectious energy and techniques for healing and self-empowerment which enable you to embrace your infinite potential.

    Michelle Feeney: Floral Street founder

    start somewhere michelle feeney

    Next up is the visionary business leader and creator of cult global beauty brands, the dynamo, Michelle Feeney – who is shaking up the industry yet again with her sustainable British fragrance brand, Floral Street. She shares her secrets to success with us – which all start with finding your self- esteem and believing in yourself.

    Esther Marshall: sTandTall founder

    start somewhere Esther

    We then have my former colleague and friend Esther Marshall, author of children’s book Sophie Says and founder of sTandTall. In this incredibly moving interview, Esther shares how her own experience of abuse inspired her to launch sTandTall, an organisation that provides support and resources to individuals suffering from abuse and bullying.

    Dr Marty K Casey: CEO of the UnGUN institute

    Hurt people, hurt people. But healed people can heal people. This is the motto of Dr Marty K Casey, The CEO of The UnGUN Institute which helps people to disarm their trauma. In this episode, Marty shares her extraordinary life journey and how she overcame her own personal trauma to be in service to others.

    Georgia Elliot-Smith: UNESCO Special Envoy for Youth and Environment

    Activist and UNESCO Special Envoy for Youth and the Environment, Georgia Elliot-Smith, then talks about her reawakening at an Extinction Rebellion rally and how that has led her to single-handedly take on the British government – demanding that they uphold the Paris Agreement and tax waste incinerators for the pollution they create.

    We are then joined by Next Gen Influencers, Majken Barbro and Morgan Lynzi. Majken is the co-founder of Impactr, a video-sharing platform for young creators to unleash their creative superpowers for good by making social and environmental action fun, scalable and super-easy.

    Morgan is a TV host, producer and BIPOC Female founder of Well Damn; a Next Gen platform and community advancing wellness and empowerment through media and culture. Her mission is simple: Change what we see is possible in the content and narratives we create and consume, and we’ll change the world. She is also one of the most kind, caring and beautiful people I have ever met.

    One of my personal heroines follows, Maria Eitel, the founding CEO and Chairman of the NIKE Foundation and the Girl Effect from her home in Oregon. She is passionate about helping women and girls achieve their full potential. Her incredible work with Girl Effect envisioned and activated the idea that removing barriers and creating opportunities for adolescent girls unleashes their potential and improves not just a girl’s life, but that of their family, community and nation. The work of Girl Effect has reached more than 23 million girls in poverty.

    We then round up with Caggie Dunlop. A former Made in Chelsea star, Caggie is now a singer, writer, and host of her own astrological and wellbeing podcast, Saturn Returns with Caggie Dunlop. It aims to provide clarity and guidance to those navigating the seas of change.

    And finally we have my very dear friend, Kate Silverton – BBC presenter, mental health activist and now author of There’s No Such Thing As Naughty. In this podcast we discuss Kate’s life-long mission to expose injustices around the world. Whether it lies in the realms of wildlife trafficking, war, or mental health. She lovingly reminds us that everything is possible if you have faith and dream big.

    Sara Vaughan is the Global Chief Purpose & Sustainability Advisor to Marie Claire. You can download and/or stream the second series of Start Somewhere for Marie Claire with Sara Vaughan from this Wednesday 16th December on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music or Stitcher

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