This is how often you should be changing your bedding in the heat

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    With the summer heatwave still in full swing, we’re all showering more, sure, but are we washing our bedsheets enough?

    We already know how often we should wash our towels and how often, in general, we should be washing our bedsheets but it’s even more important in the hot weather.

    A clinical professor in Microbiology recently told Business Insider that we need to be washing our bedsheets once a week because they become a ‘botanical park of bacteria and fungus.’


    Basically your bed is a pit of fungi and bacteria that come from your body when you sweat, your dead skin cells and excretions (vaginal and anal.) And, that’s on top of outside factors like pollen, lint, soil, dust mites and insect faeces and debris.

    And, considering all this build up becomes ‘significant’ in a week, you’re breathing this all in, too, so leaving washing your sheets one week longer could mean you end up with a sore throat.

    Race you to the washing machine?

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