This is how much the average woman spends on clothes for a holiday

Is this you?

holiday wardrobe
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Is this you?

According to a recent survey of 1,000 holidayers by online jewellery site Silver Tree Jewellery, the average holidaymaker's wardrobe is worth £4,350. What!? (Although this does include the suitcase, but still...)

They also revealed that we spend an average of around £216.26 on holiday clothes like beach dresses but 82% of us don't set a budget to buy all this stuff.

And now, there's a calculator to figure out exactly how much the content of your holiday wardrobe is actually worth (which is pretty good for travel insurance, huh? Just remember to try to keep your receipts or simply buy online so you always have a record of it.)

The survey also found that 36% of Brits will pay the most for items of clothing but actually only wear around 55% of their new threads while away. And apparently, women are better and more enthusiastic about packing than men as 40% of men let their partners pack for them as they're not fussed about what they wear.

Delphine Chui