These are the highest paying entry level jobs you can get

Want to start off your career with a high salary? Don't we all. Look no further...

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High paying entry level jobs for UK people after a big salary

Want to start off your career with a high salary? Don't we all. Look no further...

If your priority at the beginning of your career is to secure one of the highest paying entry level jobs out there, who can really blame you? Let's face it, the UK is an expensive place to live - and it's only getting pricier.

In March 2021, data from the Office for National Statistics revealed that the average UK home cost over 65 times more than the average house price did in January 1970. In comparison, the average weekly wage has only risen by 35.8 times in that time. With the cost of living rapidly increasing, but our salaries only rising at a little over half the rate, there's a deficit in affordability that's only going to get bigger. So there's absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out a high-income role as you take your first steps onto the career ladder. The question is, which entry level jobs have the biggest salaries in the UK?

Company review site Glassdoor has combed through all their data to work out which are the highest paying entry level jobs in the UK (median salaries accurate as of October 2020), and it makes for some very interesting reading. Your new career path awaits you...

Highest paying entry level jobs in the UK:

10. Software Developer

Median Annual Base Salary: £28,965

What it involves: A software developer is not to be confused with a software engineer, which features later on in this list. Where an engineer will apply all the principles of software engineering to the stages of creating software, a developer builds software which runs across various types of computer. As well as building new programmes and features, you'll also have to improve existing ones and work through any errors or bugs.

9. Commercial Manager

Median Annual Base Salary: £29,307

What it involves: Commercial Managers are similar to Business Developers (which features below) in that their overarching aim is to grow the profits of the company. How this looks in practice will differ from industry to industry, but may include winning new client contracts, or developing marketing campaigns.

8. Financial Analyst

Median Annual Base Salary: £30,249

What it involves: A financial analyst, also known as an investment analyst, assesses whether companies or individual projects are suitable for investment. It'll be all about deep-diving into financial reports to establish the risk, and this work will then be presented to potential investors who can make a decision based on the information and advice you've given.

7. Business Analyst

Median Annual Base Salary: £30,277

What it involves: Being a business analyst will involve assessing the state of a company so you can help to improve its long-term health. You'll be identifying flaws in existing systems, liaising with different parts of the organisation, and ultimately working to help it function at optimum efficiency.

6. Business Developer

Median Annual Base Salary: £30,709

What it involves: Unsurprisingly, this one does what it says on the tin. Business Development is all about helping a company to expand, establishing new revenue opportunities through new and existing clients, as well as new products and services.

5. Consultant

Median Annual Base Salary: £30,941

What it involves: 'Consultant' is very much an umbrella-term, more describing a way of working than a specific industry. Consulting essentially means you're hired on a project-basis to share whatever expertise you possess to help a company achieve their aims and resolve existing issues. The benefit of hiring a consultant is that it provides access to very specific knowledge and skills, without the long-term commitment and overhead costs that come with having a full-time employee.

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4. Data Scientist

Median Annual Base Salary: £31,034

What it involves: Being a data scientist obviously requires you to have a numbers brain, being able to turn complex, raw data into something more meaningful to the average person. It'll be your job to extract and then analyse large amounts of data, deducing it down into useful, accessible learnings for whatever your company requires.

3. Auditor

Median Annual Base Salary: £34,992

What it involves: As an entry-level auditor, you will help inspect your company's accounting and financial information. The job can extend to non-financial information, however, if a company requires help to address specific problems.

2. Software Engineer

Median Annual Base Salary: £35,934

What it involves: Software engineers will be the technical brain behind the creation of computer software, using your science and maths skills to design it, as well as maintaining it and improving it. You'll be writing code and testing to problem-solve, all with the end-goal of making the most efficient programme you can create.

1. Product Manager

Median Annual Base Salary: £38,000

What it involves: The products you manage can range from technical products to physical ones, and an entry level role in this field will typically require you to look after smaller features within a wider product. Product managers will be responsible for helping to make the most efficient, fit-for-purpose product, which means you'll need to analyse user feedback to guide you in making the right decisions.

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