These are the highest earning jobs you don't actually need a university degree for


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We may already know the cities with the highest salaries and the best paid jobs in general but this latest study from Indeed has shown that some non-graduates are earning over £50K a year.

So, does this dispel the belief that you have to go to university to bag a good job?

Hmm, sometimes. Because some jobs, like construction managers, don't require a degree but earn double the national salary (£28,000) on average.

Five non-graduate roles which pay more than the UK average wage

Construction manager


Maintenance manager


Fitness manager


Executive assistant




And considering that the Office for National Statistics show that nearly a third (29%) of graduates earn less than those who entered work via an apprenticeship rather than a degree, views on university education may be changing.

Government figures also show that one in five apprentices is 35 or older showing that many are upskilling without having to be a mature student.

So, what do you think? Do you think university education is still necessary?

Delphine Chui