These 24 cities pay the highest salaries in the world

Do you live in one of them?

Do you live in one of them?

Salaries are considered a taboo subject, rarely coming up in conversation for fear of creating awkwardness. It’s difficult then to know what the average salary in your area is, and more importantly, if you're being short-changed.

The Deutsche Bank officially released its annual Mapping the world’s prices report last week, and the results were pretty eye-opening.

Analysing everything from average rent and housing costs across the globe to the price of a packet of cigarettes in each individual country, the report looked at every detail to determine the most powerful cities in the world.

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One of the factors that the report looked into was average earning figures, listing the top 24 cities that have the highest average monthly salary.

It’s hardly surprising that most of the places on the list were capital cities, with rent prices and food costing so much that it’s a necessity to pay a higher salary just for the inhabitants to survive.

Here are the 24 cities that have the highest average monthly salaries...

1. Zurich, Switzerland - £4,548

2. San Francisco, USA - £3,730

3. Boston, USA - £3,345

4. New York, USA - £3,121

5. Chicago, USA - £2,804

6. Sydney, Australia - £2,588

7. Melbourne, Australia - £2585

8. Oslo, Norway - £2,441

9. Singapore - £2,381

10. Copenhagen, Denmark - £2,289

11. Wellington, New Zealand - £2,276

12. Tokyo, Japan - £2,242

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada

13. London, UK - £2149

14. Auckland, New Zealand - £2,137

15. Hong Kong - £2,101

16. Frankfurt, Germany - £20,32

17. Stockholm, Sweden - £2029

18. Helsinki, Finland - £2,027

19. Dublin, Ireland - £2,015

20. Paris, France - £2,000

21. Toronto, Canada - £1,980

22. Amsterdam, Netherlands - £1,930

23. Ottawa, Canada - £1,890

24. Edinburgh, UK - £1,770

That's it. Let’s pack up and move to Oslo.

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