You’ll NEVER make your bed again after reading this

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  • So disgusting

    If you can never be arsed to make your bed in the morning, we have some news that’s going to make your day. It’s officially bad for you, people, and the reason why is really gross.

    Yes, according to science we shouldn’t actually be making our beds in the morning thanks to the dust mites that live between our sheets (about 1.5 million of them, to be exact).


    Experts at Kensington University say that dust mites just LOVE warm, cosy and damp environments. In other words, exactly the kind you’re folding into your bed when you make it every morning. Whether we like it or not, we all sweat at night and so your bed makes the perfect habitat for dust mites to breed.

    So, other than checking how often you should wash your bed sheets, what’s the solution? Leave your bed UN-made for as long as is physically possible to give your sheets time to breathe and dry out. Making it when you get back from work is OK, as this should be enough time for them to get some air.

    Well, all this has made us feel quite ill. We are never making our beds again.


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