Solo births are the latest pregnancy trend

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  • Why more and more woman are banning men from the maternity ward

    It’s an intimate moment when you give birth to your baby, but the latest labour trend is taking this privacy to a whole new level.

    According to a recent survey, an increasing number of women are choosing to go it alone in the maternity ward – with more and more of them banning the father from the birth.

    The research, conducted by Voucher Codes Pro, found that a whopping 67% of the women didn’t think that the father’s presence was necessary at the baby’s birth, with over one in five saying that they wouldn’t have the father in the room during labour.

    The study interviewed 1756 pregnant women over the age of 18, asking them who they were planning to have present when they give birth.

    The results showed that a massive 24% said that they wanted to have their best friend in the room rather than their baby’s father.

    The reason for this choice? One in three said that it was because they weren’t on good terms with the father, one in four said they didn’t want their partners to find them unattractive afterwards, a few said the fathers were too squeamish while some simply preferred an alternative birthing partner.

    Of course, it’s not always a case of the more the merrier, as proven by the mixed reaction at Jamie Oliver and his wife allowing their two eldest daughters to witness the birth of their new son.

    But with more and more women following the trend, it looks like solo births are here to stay.  

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