Which at-home diet delivery plan is for you?

Combat the desire to snack with a complete meal plan delivered to your door.

The Pure Package - Health - Marie Claire
The Pure Package - Health - Marie Claire

Combat the desire to snack with a complete meal plan delivered to your door.

Finding your summer holiday diet hard to stick to? Or just not able to get through the 3pm barrier without an afternoon snack? Then you might just want to try a home-delivery diet plan.

Even the most well-intentioned dieters slip off the wagon now and then, but the new trend for doorstep diets means you can have ready-prepared healthy meals delivered straight to your home. 

This means no more beans on toast for dinner, and no more naughty afternoon snacks, either. Just three to five balanced meals a day, designed to help your diet stay on the straight and narrow.

If this sounds like music to your ears (or stomach!) read on for our top five home delivery diets.

The Pure Package What: Based on a balanced diet and controlled portions, it aims to banish snaking and break bad food habits using fresh, ethically sourced produce. Ideal for: Cash-rich but time-poor diet devotees, or anyone prone to swapping proper dinners for late-night snacks. What will I get? There are multiple different programmes to choose from, including Brain Balance and Healthy Eating, plus a special Swimsuit Sensation diet for summer. Each day you'll get a complete set of three meals and two snacks delivered in a temperature-controlled bag. You could be feasting on anything from Asparagus & Smoked Chicken Salad to Spiced Swordfish with Black Bean Salsa. Yum. How much: £36.95 per day for a minimum of 10 days including delivery. Visit: www.purepackage.com.

Body Chef What: Designed to remove the temptations we face when trying to lose weight, Body Chef focuses on the bigger picture, encouraging a healthier balanced diet and lifestyle. Ideal for: Those who need to re-train their eating habits, or want some short-term food solutions. What will I get? Meals are available in 3-7 day plans, and there are also extra options for vegetarians or those looking for a detox diet. Food will be delivered to your door in a chilled box with a weekly menu planner, and include three meals a day, plus a dessert. Options include mushroom curry with rice and chicken crumble, new potatoes and broccoli. How much? From £95.98 per week for a seven-day meal plan, including delivery. Visit: www.bodychef.com.

Detox in a Box What: Eliminates wheat, red meat and dairy products to help you feel healthier and more energised. Meals assist the body's natural cleansing process, help with weight loss and improve your sense of well-being Ideal for: Those who struggle to stick to three meals a day. What will I get? Food is delivered in a chilled hamper with a menu planner explaining the nutritional benefits. You'll get three meals a day, which could include anything from nut roast with thyme & lemon Stuffing to Chicken Cacciatore With Olives & Capers. How much? £16.50 per day for three meals, plus delivery. Visit: www.detoxinabox.com

Diet Chef What: Calorie and portion controlled meals designed to help weight loss. There are plenty of snacks, which is great for those who need regular food top ups during the day. Ideal for: Busy people and fussy eaters - you can individually choose your own meals. What will I get? Select a hamper, select a delivery option and away you go. You can choose breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks for 28 days, and all meals are calorie controlled, so you'll never go over your 1200 limit. Choose from meals such as Thai Chicken Curry, Paella and Coq au Vin. How much? £190 per month, or £47.50 per week, plus £4.95 delivery. Visit: www.dietchef.co.uk

Soulmatefood What: Bespoke meals put together using the latest in American Diet Specific Technology to suit your individual goals. Ideal for: Fussy eaters - the diet is designed specifically for you. Plus, a team of chefs will create a different meal for you every day. What will I get? Three meals and three snacks, plus a dietary supplement per day, all delivered in a stylish chilled container. Diets are individually designed, but could include meals like tender chicken koftas, with bombay new potatoes, spinach and butternut and sesame chicken. How much? Prices start at £25 per day for a minimum of a week. Visit: www.soulmatelifestyle.com/food

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