Sex in Space offered in first space island honeymoon suite

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  • Sex in space? The reality's not so far away…

    SEX IN SPACE? The reality’s not so far away. Space Island Group is already taking bookings for its space hotel and, by 2015, hope to have a honeymoon suite available for those on a mission to join the 400-mile high club.

    ‘The main reason people want to spend a week in space is the fabulous sex,’ says Space Island Group president Gene Meyers.

    The only sex in space so far documented happened between two small freshwater fish, but after the International Space Station added pregnancy tests into their astronauts medical packs, the public decided after-hours nooky must be taking place in Nasa’s Spacelab modules.

    Mind you, sex in space is never going to be a straightforward process. For starters, you don’t have beds in space (something to do with the lack of gravity and downward movements against fixed surfaces producing immediate upward movement). Then, there’s the fact that men’s penises will get smaller (thanks to a drop in blood pressure), and that any bodily fluids secreted will gather into small pools and then fly off of their own accord.

    Suddenly that honeymoon suite in the Maldives sounds quite adventurous enough.

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