Scientists discover formula for perfect cleavage

Plastic surgeon works out formula for the perfect breasts

Posh at dVb Saks launch
Posh at dVb Saks launch

Plastic surgeon works out formula for the perfect breasts

Plastic surgeon Patrick Malluci has found the formula for the perfect cleavage in a bid to make breast augmentation operations as good as possible.

After hours of studying topless models in lads' magazines and tabloid newspapers, Patrick discovered that Victoria Beckham has the worst cleavage and model Caprice has the best.

The secret to its success? Nipples pointing slightly skywards and a top half slightly smaller than the bottom half.

Malluci will present his findings at the first breast enlargement conference to be held in London this week.

He hopes his lecture, called Concepts in Design for Breast Augmentation, will be considered by other surgeons performing enhancing operations.

'I studied a wide variety of photographs of the most popular topless models to work out the various proportions they had in common and what made those particular features attractive,' Patrick told the Daily Mail.

'These findings allowed me to form a template around which to plan a breast augmentation, and set a standard of aesthetics.

'Obviously personal interpretation and expression has to be accounted for, but this has allowed me to develop a template that I have been using successfully for some time.'

He added: 'The ideal is a 45 to 55% proportion - that is the nipple sits not at the half-way mark down the breast, but at about 45% from the top.

'All of the models I looked at conformed to these parameters. None of them were augmented and yet they were clearly considered to have beautiful breasts, so I wanted to examine how that could be achieved in someone not so well-endowed by using an implant.

'It's about wanting to create something as close to perfection as possible.'

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