This is how to make your chocolate bar totally unlimited

What is this witchcraft?

Sliced chocolate bar
Sliced chocolate bar

What is this witchcraft?

Here at Marie Claire we want to make your life better, and we really endeavour to do that. Whether that means showing you how to kick your phone addiction, or presenting videos of Tom Hiddleston and Justin Trudeau for your viewing pleasure, we just want to make you happy.

However, this is something that can really change your life for the better. It make even make you question what life was like before this moment. Kind of in the same way that we wonder how we managed without the internet, or takeaway apps on a hungover Sunday.

A video has been posted on Facebook by a page called SoFlo, which shows how you can make your stash of chocolate unlimited. People are going crazy for the video, and it’s racked up 25 million views so far, which is the equivalent of the population of Korea. Comments have included accusations of witchcraft, obvs, complaints of stomach pain, again obvs, and just general WTFs?

But to achieve this endless chocolate utopia, you don’t need to make a Faustian pact with Cadbury’s, it’s all in the way you cut it.

The video shows the guy chopping a piece of chocolate into six different sized chunks, and repositioning them in such a way that you can remove one piece, reassemble the whole lot, and the bar will be the same size.

So it’s more about geometry and the way our brains see things. Which is far less interesting than witchcraft and sheer mystery, but anyway, who cares, unlimited chocolate – yay!

Take a look at the video.

Well that’s one way to make you friends.

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