Lose more weight when you workout with a friend

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  • A new study has revealed that women are far more likely to stick to their workout when they train with a friend.

    If the thought of getting back into your bikini sends you into a cold fever then make sure grab a friend as well as your running shoes, as the latest research shows women lose much more weight when they workout together.

    On average, women lose an amazing ten pounds when they agree to train with a friend, as opposed to those who go it alone, a fifth of whom fail to lose even a single pound.

    Researchers studied a group of 3,000 women and found that 61% found it almost impossible to summon up the energy to exercise on their own.

    However the same proportion of these women said they enjoy going for a jog or a swim with a friend and admit that they push themselves harder if they have someone with them.

    ‘It can be really hard to find the time, energy and enthusiasm for exercising when there’s no-one to do it with,’ says Sian Lewis, director of Diamond who commissioned the survey.

    ‘At the end of a long busy day at work, it would be so easy to slip into the arm chair for a few hours to relax, rather than go out for a jog or a swim.

    ‘But having a friend who is interested in keeping fit and toned can really help motivation – suddenly exercise isn’t just about getting sweaty, and losing weight, its about catching up on the latest gossip, and having a bit of quality time together.’

    However the study also revealed that women tend to compete when they are working out together, with a third admitting to wearing make-up and buying new exercising clothes when training with a female friend.


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