It's confirmed: 'Long Covid' clinics are opening in England

Specialist help is to be offered on the NHS, the government has confirmed.

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Specialist help is to be offered on the NHS, the government has confirmed.

Those suffering from ongoing COVID-19 health problems will be offered support via the NHS, the government has confirmed.

The head of NHS England, Sir Simon Stevens, said that specialist assistance would be widely available across England in a matter of months time.

He said more would be done to support the 'tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands' of patients who are still being affected by ongoing physical health problems.

It's no news that coronavirus symptoms seem to be sticking around. Many who have had a milder case, or, on the other end of the spectrum, have been in intensive care and then released, seem to be plagued with low-key symptoms. Such symptoms include fatigue, joint pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, brain fog and inability to focus, although this list is not conclusive.

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Initial estimates are worrying. COVID-19 experts suggest that around 1 in 10 people who have had coronavirus could be suffering from longer-term health problems. Scientists are currently coining it 'long term COVID'.

Speaking figures, Simon shared that £10 million pounds would be invested in to new centres. These centres will provide mental and physical support for those suffering. He also confirmed that the areas will be across England, not just in one place.

He indicated that alongside physical health assessments, patients would be supported through mental conditions like memory loss, fatigue and any mental health issues triggered by the virus. If need be, patients will be sent on to other, more specialised, clinics for further assessment and treatment.

During the announcement, he also confirmed a whole host of other COVID support measures are being set up. These include a write up of clinical guidelines and assessment of 10,000 patients, to go with. This is to ensure long COVID patients are getting the correct professional care they need.

Alongside this, a digital rehab site called 'Your COVID Recovery' will also be launched in the near future.

Do you know anyone who has suffered from long COVID and may need to support? The NHS website has all the information you need, and remember—stay safe.

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