#MCMoves: The 45 Second Perfect Lunge Challenge

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  • Want to tone up your bum and thighs in super quick time? We've found the ultimate quick, easy, do-it-in-your-pyjamas-before-bed-and-still-see-a-difference move...

    As a general rule, we all wish we were fitter and healthier. We’d like to be able to run up four flights of stairs without hyperventilating, we’d like to be able to get onboard a boat without thinking, ‘If this hits an iceberg, there is absolutely no way I have the upper body strength to cling onto a door until I’m rescued’, and honesly, we’d at least like like the option of balancing a glass of milk on our backside. 

    And while we can’t help you with your iceberg survival just yet (we’ll do that next week), the latter is far more feasible than you might think. In fact, it all comes down to one super-quick move: A Perfect Lunge.

    Yep, if you do a Perfect Lunge, you’ll tone up your bum and your thighs in record time. 

    As part of our new online fitness series, #MCMoves, we caught up with Marie Claire’s new online personal trainer and founder of The Viking Method, Svava Sigbertsdottir, to find out exactly how it’s done.


    ‘Lunges can be quite tricky to do, and there are a few things you have to remember,’ explains Svava. ‘Watch your shoulders and back, engage your core and make sure that as you come forward, both of your knees are at 90 degrees and your knee – your forward knee – is not going over. So it’s not further than you ankle.’


    ‘As you go forwards don’t lean forwards into the knee, go straight down and watch your torso is back and your core is engaged.’


    ‘As you come up, you’re going to get your force into the heel of your forward leg and then move backwards from there. So that makes you engage your glutes, and your hamstrings. Then just take it all the way back, so you’re using your core, you’re using the leg that’s forward, and you’re not just using your joints.’


    ‘Repeat! To see a difference, try to do four or five sets of lunges three times a week, and do each one for 45 seconds, alternating legs.’

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