‘Flighty females’ like predictable men

Men with predictable personalities are 'attractive to women', according to new research from the University of Exeter

They say a leopard never changes its spots and now researchers have discovered that men also don’t change: instead, they remain ‘predictable’ because it helps them find a mate.

Females, by contrast, are more changeable and likely to adapt their behaviour to circumstances, according to researchers.

Scientists at the University of Exeter made the discovery after studying animals and humans.

Dr Sasha Dall, who led the study, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Females like predictability in their males as it allows them to make good long-term decisions, and to deal with changing circumstances if they know their male is consistent.’

‘It is not one personality trait, such as being aggressive, it is the fact that they always exhibit that trait that matters. This body of research suggests that male personality could have evolved in much the same way as signs of physical attractiveness – to help attract a mate.’

The findings are published in the journal Biological Reviews.



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