Attempting Dry Jan? Statistically, this is when you're most likely to give up

Don't worry, you're far from alone.

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Don't worry, you're far from alone.

January marks the start of a new year and with it, many people making goals for the year ahead. Many will take up a new sport, like running or weight training, others, a new skill or form of self-care, and many across the globe will embark on Dry January, a full 31 days without booze.

While living sans alcohol is a choice many make regularly, for others, a glass of wine or G&T is a way to wind down after a busy week. Everything in moderation, right?

That being said, Dry January can be hard, especially as the first month of the year is usually the coldest. Last year, the UK was locked down and this year, while not being in a full lockdown, we are facing Plan B restrictions and being asked to work from home, where possible.

So, when are you most likely to break if you're already dreaming of a soothing glass of Pinot Noir to accompany your bubble bath? Good question. Surprisingly, research has shown that half of those attempting actually give up on a certain date of the month - but can you guess which?

New stats from Volvic show that 50% of UK adults - yep, half - will give up by the second week of trying. The exact date most people cave is 16th January, according to their research.

They asked 2,000 people about how likely they were to complete the entire month booze-free, with three in 10 admitting that they'd be happy even if they reduced their alcohol intake for two weeks.

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Reasons for drinking included relaxation, socialising, and FOMO - that's fear of missing out. Interestingly, 31% of people said they'd give in purely because they missed the taste of alcohol.

While some will find Dry January helpful this year after a busy Christmas period, for others, restricting themselves while facing undoubtedly stressful headlines and global affairs (we're looking at you, Omicron) won't be the best move for their mental health - a doctor explains why, here.

If that's you, our self-care ideas might just help - simple ways to boost your wellbeing (that are free!) and don't include cutting something out entirely.

Another idea taking the fore this year is mindful drinking - similar to mindful movement - which simply dictates you drink less, rather than no alcohol whatsoever.

Are you trying Dry Jan this year?

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