Clean Eating Alice shares her top health and fitness tips

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  • The fitness blogger shares her advice on clean eating, exercising and how to stick to your plan

    After years of bad skin, constant fatigue, and an unhealthy relationship with food, Alice decided to completely overhaul her approach to eating. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Clean Eating Alice is fast becoming one of the leading female health and fitness experts in the UK. Here, she shares some of her top diet and exercise tips…

    1. Learn how best to fuel your body

    ‘For me, clean eating meant developing a healthy relationship with food whereby I didn’t feel restricted or as if I was on a ‘diet’. I learned to love a huge variety of vegetables that I never would have eaten before, and began to experiment with different meat and carbohydrate sources such as lentils and quinoa.’

    2. Make informed food choices

    ‘Making changes such as what I ate for breakfast had a huge impact on my mood and energy for that day. I found that eating a protein rich diet of things such as eggs and chicken kept me feeling full and less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.’

    3. Exercise is important, too

    ‘My exercise regime complimented the changes I was making with my eating habits. I worked hard to gain strength and muscle through resistance/weight training and began to love going to the gym, instead of finding it a chore. ‘

    Clean Eating Alice

    Clean Eating Alice

    4. The term ’clean eating’ is subjective

    ‘I try not to categorise or restrict any food to being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, however there are foods that I love and that I eat regularly which are both nutritious and delicious. Eggs are one of my favourites, and feature on my blog a lot! Not only can they be enjoyed in so many various ways, but they are also rich in protein, and make for a great breakfast instead of sugary cereals.’

    5. Keep your snacks healthy

    ‘I’m a huge fan of sweet potato and parsnips, especially when they’re roasted in a little coconut oil. Another of my favourites is also kale, which is hugely popular at the moment. My ideal way to enjoy would be massaged with coconut oil and baked, with a little paprika salt… it’s a must try!’

    6. Structure is the key

    ‘It’s all about how you combine your diet AND training. I follow the LDNMuscle Bikini Guide which combines both elements in a comprehensive and easy to follow plan. Ultimately getting in shape requires you to attack both elements; diet and exercise compliment one another, so once you do so the results will follow. ‘

    7. Find a workout you enjoy

    ‘Be it yoga, power walking, or swimming, if you’re moving and having fun that is the most important part, as you will be far less likely to lose motivation. It also helps some people to find a ‘workout buddy’, someone to help keep you motivated and on track with your regime.’

    8. Don’t rely on the scales

    ‘This isn’t always the best way to track progress, and I found keeping track of my progress through taking photos and visually seeing how my body was changing was far more beneficial and rewarding.’

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