Botox for your breasts

New treatment lifts sagging cleavage

Cleavage, bikini, beauty news, Marie claire
Cleavage, bikini, beauty news, Marie claire
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New treatment lifts sagging cleavage

We've all heard about Botox being used to smooth lined foreheads and plump out crow's feet, but now it can be injected into your bust to tighten sagging cleavage.

With the treatment taking just half an hour, it is proving popular with busy young mothers who don't have time to go under the knife to regain their pre-pregnancy shape.

But at £1,000 a session, doctors say it is best used as a one-off confidence-booster ahead of a special occasion, rather than as a regular treatment.

Sach Mohan, a surgeon with cosmetic surgery chain Transform, said: ‘A young woman who has recently been pregnant might not have very much in her wardrobe that fits. But she is under pressure to look good just weeks after giving birth. This is another tool in their armoury.'

Dr Mohan recommends new mothers wait for at least three months after giving birth before signing up for ‘Breastox', as it has been dubbed.

An anaesthetic cream is used to numb the pain and the patient is given around 12 injections of Botox into the pectoralis minor chest muscle. The freezing of this muscle causes other muscles in the back to strengthen, and the bust to lift.

Botox is most often associated with making faces look younger but has numerous other uses, including stemming heavy sweating and preventing teeth from grinding. It can also be used in the treatment of migraine and is showing promise in easing some of the damage done by strokes.


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