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Are you sleeping on 20-minute kettlebell workouts? When it comes to resistance training, it's likely you opt for dumbbell exercises or bodyweight strength training workouts - but kettlebells are just as, if not even more, brilliant for you. 

"Kettlebells are a really versatile piece of equipment which means you can perform lots of different exercises with minimal equipment requirements," shares personal trainer, running coach, and founder of PASSA Lillie Bleasdale. 

Don't believe one piece of kit can transform your workouts? Well, a 2024 review looking at the effifiacy of kettlebell exercises concluded they "significantly" improve "maximal strength, power output, and muscular endurance." Not bad.

And the great news is you don't need to spend hours swinging a kettlebell to pack a big punch. "With the right weights and movement patterns you can easily pack a decent workout into a shorter amount of time," says personal trainer Eleanor Heaton-Armstrong. As a fitness instructor and health editor myself, I concur. The best workouts aren't long and drawn out by short, punchy and - most importantly - enjoyable. 

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20 minute kettlebells are seriously effective for toning and strengthening - your guide

What is a kettlebell workout?

Not sure what exactly a kettlebell is? Let an expert explain. The ball-like piece of equipment is essentially a weight with a handle on the top. Often made of iron or found in bright colours, they look like retro pieces of kit, but their benefits are just as great today, says Bleasdale.

Kettlebell workouts - as the name suggests - are simply workouts that include the weighted piece of equipment. 

What are the benefits of 20-minute kettlebell workouts?

1. They're simple

There are tonnes of benefits to 20 minutes of kettlebell training, including the fact that the workouts are short and simple but also effective. Think about it: using just one piece of kit makes for a very simple workout as you won't have to chop and change your equipment. 

While it's advised that you have kettlebells of multiple weights for different movements, it's really easy to get to use a kettlebell and build strength. 

2. They build strength

Secondly, kettlebells range in weight from light to heavy which means there is loads of room for progression. "Kettlebells can improve your grip strength, ankle and knee stability and help you build muscle," says Heaton-Armstrong. 

By progressing with your weights you'll be building bigger and stronger muscles. And the slightly off-centred design of a kettlebell means you will have to work hard to stabilise your core for extra gains. 

3. They're great for low impact yet high intensity sessions

Yes, really. "A big benefit of kettle training is that it is low impact, but can still help with explosive and dynamic strength," adds Heaton-Armstrong. Indeed, you won't need to jump around or add stress to the joints when kettlebell training, but classic kettlebell moves like swings, cleans, squats and deadlifts can all be very intense for a punchy workout. 


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4. They're versatile

No matter how you want to train, kettlebells can be used. "Kettlebells are hugely versatile and can be used for anything from spinal stretching and mobility to weight-lifting to cardiovascular training," explains Heaton-Armstrong. 

5. The effective workouts can be short but effective

Last but no means least, kettlebells are an effective tool for making short sessions seriously effective. "The key here is not looking at the fact you've got 20 minutes and panicking," says Bleasdale. "With resistance training, we want quality reps and if we rush, reps become messy and we won't get as much from our session. 20 minutes is plenty of time to do a few repeats of a short circuit of four to five exercises."

The best 20-minute kettlebell workouts to try now:

1. Full-body kettlebell workout by Heather Robertson

What? A full-body kettlebell workout that will test strength and coordination. 

Why? "This is one of my favourite kettlebell workouts in terms of the calibre of the trainer and content," says Bleasdale. Indeed, you'll work through unilateral movements under great instruction. 

How long? 20 minutes.

2. 20-minute kettlebell workout by Joe Wicks

What? From the king of home workouts, this 20-minute workout works your upper body, lower body and core. 

Why? Another recommendation from Bleasdale thanks to the brilliant tuition from Wicks, we love this workout for a quick blast when training at home. 

How long? 20 minutes.

3. Intense no-repeat kettlebell workout by Pavel Krotov

What? An intense workout that's best for intermediate and above kettlebell users. 

Why? "I like a workout with a combination of fast and slow twitch burners and this one works perfectly," says Heaton-Armstrong. That means you'll be working on fast, explosive moves as well as slow, strong exercises for all-round fitness in 20 minutes.

How long? 20 minutes. 

4. 20-minute kettlebell strength by Workout with Roxanne

What? 20 minutes of strength workout including unilateral, compound and cardio moves. 

Why? With unique movement combinations, you'll feel all the benefits of kettlebell training in this effective workout. 

How long? 20 minutes.

5. Kettlebell Tabata workout by Fitness Kay Kay

What? An advanced cardio workout with no talking but lots of demos. 

Why? For those who want a serious cardio burn, this kettlebell workout will move through short, sharp bursts of movement with minimal rest. 

How long? 20 minutes.

6. Fat burning home workout by Shona Vertue

What? A combo of cardio and strength-focused exercises, all using a kettlebell. 

Why? Shona Vertue gives a brilliant explanation to all of her moves so you can safely perform them and reap the benefits in a short time. 

How long? 20 minutes.

7. 20-minute legs and ab kettlebell workout by BodyFit by Amy

What? 20 minutes to focus on your glutes, quads, hamstrings and abdominals with a kettlebell. 

Why? "When I'm training for 20 minutes I like to focus on just one area of the body," says Heaton-Armstrong. That way, you get more time to focus on burning the muscle and getting results - just like in this lower-body session. 

How long? 20 minutes.

8. Upper-body no repeat kettlebell workout by Workout with Roxanne

What? This time, the focus is all on the upper body with a kettlebell. 

Why? Again, honing in on one area group means more fatigue in the muscles. This upper-body-focused one is a great option for building strength in the shoulders, back, chest and arms. 

How long? 20 minutes.

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