There's a Pumpkin Birthday Cake Latte on the secret Starbucks menu

Warning: this article contains a lot of pumpkin spice

starbucks secret menu

Warning: this article contains a lot of pumpkin spice

The Starbucks autumn menu is finally here, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back. Hurrah! And with it comes the Starbucks secret Halloween menu which includes an extra special Nightmare Before Christmas number (think a pumpkin spice frapp with chai syrup, a shot of espresso, mocha drizzle, whipped cream and finished off with java chips - yum).

But if you've already overdone it when it comes to the regular PSL, then fear not - there's a Pumpkin Birthday Cake Latte as part of the secret menu and you can order it at any Starbucks.

Yes, you read that correctly. There's yet another way to enjoy pumpkin-y latte goodness with a twist on the original popular beverage.

Bustle revealed that the delicious-sounding drink is actually very easy to order. It supposedly tastes like birthday cake (obviously) with a hint of pumpkin spice. Drool.

All you have to do is order yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte, which usually consists of four pumps of pumpkin sauce. Instead, ask for two pumps of pumpkin sauce, one pump of vanilla and one of hazelnut.

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One small thing that needs to be noted: sadly, it's not available all year round and you'll only be able to get your hands on it while the participating Starbucks stocks the famous autumnal syrup.

If that's not quite your caffeinated style, you can opt for the Cinderella Latte instead.

According to Instagram user @happiestteesonearth, it's also a simple order - ask for a PSL (hot, iced or blended frapp) and swap two of the four pumps of pumpkin spice with white mocha.

So now you know that when you pop to Starbucks for your next coffee, you can switch it up with every variation of a Pumpkin Spice Latte possible.

If we hear of any more, we'll let you know.

In the meantime, pumpkin spice up your life.

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