6 Alcoholic Drinks That Won’t Ruin Your Diet This Christmas

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  • There's no need to ditch the diet this month with these low calorie options...

    Christmas isn’t generally the easiest time to embark on a health kick, but if the thought of all those office parties, family meals and a long, hard night of drinking on New Year’s Even sending your previous hard work straight down the drain is giving you a headache, there are some ways to curb your alcohol intake over the festive period – and still enjoy yourself.

    Plus, there’s no need to sacrifice taste for good health with these low calorie alternatives. And we think that the revelation that there’s as many calories in a Long Island Iced Tea as there are in a serving of apple crumble and custard might make swapping to these lighter drinks all the more effortless…

    Red Wine

    Red wine naturally has fewer calories than white wine, which makes it an obvious first choice for drinking with meals. Rioja wines contain tempranillo red grapes, which can help to lower cholesterol and any cabernet, syrah or merlot reds are full of antioxidants and have less sulphites, which means less terrible hangovers.

    Giardini Lower Alcohol Merlot, £41.94 for 6 bottles, is low alcohol (9.5% per bottle), but is still just as drinkable as any other merlot.

    White Wine

    If you do want to partake of a white wine tipple, there are lighter versions you can quaff (sensibly) and still feel virtuous. White wine still has the same health benefits as red, but the volume of the good stuff, such as antioxidants, is much lower.

    Longview The Whippet Sauvignon Blanc, £13.25 is a great at-home, low calorie option. With just 10.5% ABV, this wine contains less than 5g of sugar. Stock up for the party season right away.


    Our favourite new fact is that tequila is grain and gluten free. Well, the good stuff is. 100% pure agave tequilla is free from any added sugars, which you will find in cheaper versions. It’s only the mix of tequilla and sugared alcohol that will give you a headache the next day.

    El Jimador Reposado Tequila, £20, is 100% and aged for three years before bottling. This pale gold tequilla also has a light, caramel aroma that is more pleasant than the sharp, cheaper versions.


    There’s only 97 calories in a shot of vodka, which makes this a sensible choice for the cocktail bar, where a glass of wine would set you back over 100 calories. Keep it simple, with soda and lime to stop the calories adding up with your sweet mixer.

    DQ Vodka, £60, sells itself on being undiluted and comes in one of the best bottles we’ve ever seen.

    Mulled Wine

    One of our favourite Christmas tipples actually houses some great health benefits too. Cloves are anti-inflammatory, cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar and oranges are full of vitamin C. Top that off with iron rich, antioxidant-filled red wine, and you practically got yourself a health drink…

    Mulled Wine Spice Kit, £14.03. Make your own, rather than buying it bottled, for a more satisfying, well rounded and aromatic experience.


    It wouldn’t be Christmas without at least one glass (bottle?) of Champagne and with new no-sugar versions available, it’s practically guilt free too. Regular Champagne only has 91 calories per glass, so finishing a versions with even fewer is a Christmas present in itself.

    Skinny Champagne, £249 per case, is the new go-to Champagne for diet-friendly drinking that won’t make you feel like you are missing out at Christmas.

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