The nine weird questions we should all be asking prospective flatmates

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    If you’ve ever had to deal with passive aggressive flatmate e-mails or general housemate drama (including wanting to date your housemate), then this is for you.

    Ideal Flatmate have developed six questions by Cambridge psychologist Paula Banca to ask at that awkward interview stage to help avoid any future issues that might arise over sharing your living space.

    You know the ones we’re talking about… The who’s-in-charge-of-buying toilet roll argument or the lack of a cleaning rota or the smokers versus the non-smokers. So, apparently asking some left-field questions could help you smooth these out before they even begin.

    Do you see flatmates as people you live with or your friends?

    This is an interesting one as apparently in London, there’s a notably higher number of people who view their current flatmates as ‘people they live with’ rather than their friends.

    ‘Joey doesn’t share food’: Agree or Disagree?

    This can tell you their food sharing habits which will instruct how your meals go in future as apparently three out of four house sharers expect to share essential items like milk and bread.

    How regularly do you invite people over for drinks or meals?

    This is a good indicator of how sociable they’re going to be within your home.

    Ever watched Come Dine with Me?

    According to Tom Gatzen, co-founder of Ideal Flatmate, ’71 per cent of London house sharers advocate ‘Come Dine with Me’ style dinner parties and communal eating is commonly considered a vital part of the flatshare routine. If your flatmate prefers to consume a quiet pot-noodle in their room, then it’s helpful to establish this beforehand.’

    Are you comfortable living with people not of the same religious or sexual background as yourselves?

    Four in five Londoners are unconcerned about their flatmate’s religious or sexual preferences but kitchen organisation is a deal breaker for over 50% which leads to the next question…

    Is your spice rack organised alphabetically?

    ‘So if you are in the habit of rummaging around the cupboard for the right jar and wrangling through dozens of bulk-in bin bags, you should probably check that your potential housemate is not a kitchen OCD freak, since 46 per cent will battling through dozens of require you to have an ordered spice rack…’

    Do you wear socks with your trainers?

    ‘Given that almost two out of three UK house sharers expect their flatmate to take off their shoes when entering the house, it’s always best to check if they actually wear socks with their trainers.’

    Thoughts on #TubeChat?

    ‘If your first instinct is please DO NOT start talking to me, then you’ll want to check that your potential flatmate is not a fan of strangers and small talk also. According to our research at Ideal Flatmate, four in five flatsharers plan to bring their friends over and 60 percent will expect you to socialise with them.’

    Can paper towels be recycled?

    ‘If you’re a fan of the ‘three bins guide’ and on saving the planet, then you better check your potential flatmate knows their biodegradables from their non-bios. For two in three flatsharers, there is nothing more frustrating than having their positive changes underscored by the wasteful habits of their flatmates.’

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