Apparently babies born this year will never need to learn this skill

This is all getting a little too futuristic for our liking

driverless cars
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This is all getting a little too futuristic for our liking

You might have thought it was only celebrity babies who would probably never need to learn to drive in later life because let's be real, they'll all probably have chauffeurs, right? Well, think again because it's time to talk about driverless cars.

Wrong. Because apparently within 15 years, self-driving cars are likely to take over our roads - meaning that babies born this year, will probably never need to fork out on a driving lesson for them.

Yeah, it blew our minds too. It's quite the milestone after all.

According to AXA's UK chief executive, Amanda Blanc, who recently spoke to The Telegraph, insurance companies are preparing for autonomous cars to be the norm by 2032, and adjusting their policies to deal with computer drivers.

If you're envisioning a life that resembles I, Robot, try not to feel too terrified because apparently these cars will make our streets 'much safer and increase mobility for vulnerable members of society,' according to Amanda.

Hmm, we can't say we're convinced just yet but only time will tell. However, the thought of getting to eschew the experience of sitting in a car that stalls every two-minutes at the hands of our teenage child isn't too bad a thought...

Delphine Chui