This is how you can apply for Don’t Tell The Bride

What you'll save in money, you might pay in stress though

don't tell the bride
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What you'll save in money, you might pay in stress though

Weddings are exciting to plan. But, yes, also a bit (sometimes a lot) stressful.

From the wedding invitations to the wedding dress, there's enough to think about to take up your headspace - not mentioning how much of a hole it'll make in your wallet too.

So, we can see why some would want to eschew the financial strain by allowing their wedding day to be aired on a TV show like Don't Tell the Bride - and now you can apply to star in the show, too.

The reality show has found its new home on E4 and is set to return to our screens later this year so now couples are being asked to fill in a questionnaire to get a chance to have £14,000 for their partner to spend on their big day.

As a control-freak myself, I'm not sure quite how I'd feel about relinquishing this kind of control but the money is definitely a plus...

The questionnaire will ask you about yourself, your partner and you'll have to detail how your proposal went down and your current living situation - or, the less camera-shy of you can make a five-minute video detailing all of this.

Delphine Chui