Donald Trump has spent 7 out of 13 weekends as President in his exclusive Florida member's club

Donald Trump has spent as much in a month as Barack Obama did in an entire year...

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Donald Trump has spent as much in a month as Barack Obama did in an entire year...

OK, so the Donald Trump quotes may be getting more and more ridiculous but the news just doesn't stop.

If it's not looking at Donald Trump's body language and what it all means, it's the world trying to decipher Donald Trump's latest actions.

And now, it's come out that Donald Trump has spent seven out of his 13 weekends as President of the United States at his exclusive Palm Beach club Mar-a-Lago.

The membership club currently charges a $200,000 joining fee, followed by a $14,000 membership fee but has received criticism of late for food safety violations.

Donald Trump's weekends away have apparently cost the country £25 million so far and this comes after it was revealed that Trump had spent as much in a month on travel as his predecessor Barack Obama did in a year.

On February 23rd, we wrote...

Having criticised Obama for using taxpayer money to fund holidays, golfing trips and general presidential travel, it seems as if the current US President's weekend trips back to his private Mar-a-Lago estate (yes, the one Donald Trump invited Princess Diana too) have cost the federal treasury 'about $10 million.'

Considering that Obama's total came up to around $97 million over the course of eight years, it doesn't take much to calculate just how much more Trump is currently spending, seeing as Obama's travel costs averaged at around $11.3 million.

Why is it so much, you ask?

Well, anywhere the president goes, guards need to be on hand to patrol any exposed areas while other security and military need to be on hand also - for the President and his family.

So, the staffing expenses are through the roof. And, this is all on top of the $500,00 a day being spent to guard Trump Tower where Trump's wife, FLOTUS Melania Trump is still living with her son Barron.

Delphine Chui