This is apparently why Donald Trump avoids holding Melania’s hand in public

And no, it’s not what you’d expect…

Since becoming President, the world has been analysing Donald Trump’s every move, searching for any clues about his personal life and what’s going on behind the White House walls.

His cryptic twitter history can be incredibly telling, but recently people have instead been looking at the President’s body language for answers. They have, for example, picked up on the fact that Donald Trump seems to avoid holding Melania’s hand in public.

Donald Trump body language

Despite being married to the Slovenian former model for over 12 years, Trump can be seen gently patting his wife’s outstretched hand away on various occasions, most recently yesterday when Melania made her first public appearance as First Lady since Trump’s inauguration.

As the couple walked along the tarmac together after disembarking Air Force One at Palm Beach International airport in Florida, Melania can be seen on camera to reach out her hand to her husband only to have him drop it instantly to greet fans instead.

According to a body language expert, this behaviour is incredibly telling of their relationship and could all be down to one very simple reason: Donald’s want to be seen as an alpha male and leader.

Donald Trump body language

‘Typically a hand-hold shows a couple as a unit’, body language expert Patti Wood told the Mail Online. ‘But to me, I think he’s saying “I want to be seen as the president on my own”, which is very much alpha. “I want to be just the powerful me.” And it’s clear that that that’s his choice.’

It’s a stark contrast to the previous Potus-Flotus body language, with Barack sharing every moment of his presidency with his wife Michelle, crediting her with a lot of his success.

Donald Trump body language

When asked about Trump’s avoidance to hold his wife’s hand, Patti Wood explained, ‘He doesn’t want to do it in public. It’s very clear that she does, she would like that. That would make her feel connected and she would get some of that power and confidence, and he’s saying “No, not in public.”’

Aside from seemingly not being a fan of the hand hold, it looks like Trump does make exceptions when he descends steps – something that Theresa May found out the hard way when he grabbed hers.

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