Paid puppy leave is now a thing


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There are a few factors that come into play when you decide to take, or decline, a job.

For women, it often has to do with a prospective employer's policies on working from home, office hours flexibility, maternity leave and holiday. Because, ultimately, we're all chasing that healthy work/life balance.

And, if I'm being honest, I've even thought about going self-employed just so I could get my own dog. After reading everything you need to know about being freelance, it seems that your pets become your new colleagues - and I, for one, am totally ok with that.

And it's just been unearthed that companies are starting to cotton on to the fact that people REALLY love their dogs - and love being able to look after one. Craft beer company Brewdog released this video announcing their new 'puppy parental leave' scheme and it's going suitably viral.

They've introduced 'puppy parental leave' so that their staff can enjoy paid time-off work to settle a new dog, whether a puppy or not, into their home without having to take holiday days. Oh, and after that? You can bring your dog to work, of course.

And, yes. They're hiring. And, in case you needed it, here are some of the most popular dog names because your new colleague is going to need one, right?

Not into beer? No problem. More and more offices are starting to be dog-friendly too...

Dog friendly offices in the UK

Blue Cross

The animal charity allows you to not only bring your dog to the office but encourages you to take regular breaks from your desk by playing with your dog and taking them outside.

Pets at Home

More than 90% of their current employees have pets and they're even looking into 'pet-ternity' leave.

Next Model Management

Since people from both the management team and model team have dogs, they've made it a dog-friendly office.


Apparently they even host an annual party for company dogs. We're sold.


Their Gatwick Airport-based headquarters has a 'bring your dog to work' policy - need we say more?

It's also, worth noting that June 24th is apparently this year's official 'bring your dog to work day' so you might want to let your boss know soon.

Delphine Chui