3 Ways You Can Get Over Your Fear And Make 2014 The Most Exciting Year Ever

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  • Chances are, there are some things in your life that you’ve wanted to do, but have been too afraid to do them. Perhaps you’ve filed them away on your Bucket List or have convinced yourself they’re too far out of reach to ever accomplish.

    We all experience fear for a variety of reasons: self-limiting beliefs, fear of failure, and even fear of our own success are just a few reasons many of us never go out on a limb and shoot for that really big thing.

    Well it’s time to get over all that. Let’s vow to make 2014 our most fearless year yet. Here are three powerful strategies that will help you overcome fear and start living your most extraordinary life.

    1. Be Clear On What You Want

    Many of us are striving for certain goals because we think we should be. We’re trying to accomplish things that we feel we should just because we’re at a certain point in our lives. Perhaps it’s buying a home, or earning a Master’s Degree. Many women can become paralyzed with fear because they are trying to achieve a dream that is not their own. Examine what you want out of life; not what your parents want for you or what society says you should be doing. When you get really clear on your own desires your passion takes over. It’s so much easier to move through fear when we’re excited about what’s on the other side of it.

    2. Give Up Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

    Fear is rooted in self-limiting beliefs. These are the stories we tell ourselves about why something can’t be done and they carry a negative and definitive undertone. A self-limiting belief may look like this: ‘I’ll never make it as a writer.’ You can change your thinking by coming up with something to counter it. For example: ‘I am well on my way to building my writing career. I am working on X and plan to do X.’ The trick is to create evidence so that your brain begins to view the self-limiting belief as false. This takes time, but it is entirely possible to rewire your brain with practice and patience.

    3. Believe That Everything Is Possible

    In order to truly bust through your fears, it’s going to take a little bit of faith. Take time to cultivate the belief that everything is possible. Work on visualizing your dreams coming true. According to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts become your reality. Spend a little time envisioning yourself fearlessly achieving your goals, and then get a solid action plan in place to make it happen.

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