Cheer Up, Guys: 12 Reasons January Should Be Your New Favourite Month

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  • Beat those post-Christmas blues and get ready to show January some love...

    1. Holiday hassles are over.
    Breathe. All the travelling and overwhelming family chaos is finally done and dusted. You are once again free to resume your regular, beautifully simple routine. Ah, the mundane has never tasted so sweet.

    2. It’s officially okay to be a hermit.
    January provides you with a legitimate excuse to be as boring as possible. After four exhausting weeks of endless socialising, dancing, eating and entertaining, you’ve officially earnt the right to be antisocial. Hibernate. Clear the diary. SLEEP.

    3. The TV is AMAZING.
    Sherlock. Girls Season 3. The Voice UK. You’re pretty much spoilt for choice when it comes to hot new series kicking off in January, so beat the blues by getting down to some serious guilt-free telly bashing. Bring on Lena and her ladies.
    4. The sales.

    That big fat wad of Christmas cash you’ve accumulated? January wants it. The crowds are smaller, those delicious 50 percent off signs are up and you can exchange all of those ill-judged Christmas gifts for that Mulberry tote you’ve been coveting. Merry January. Here’s our ultimate sales shopping guide to help you get through them in one piece.
    5. New Year’s resolutions can be a good thing.

    Say what you want about New Year’s resolutions, but we feel better just thinking about all the cheese we’re not going to eat and all that money we’re definitely going to save. Even if you fail miserably, making resolutions allows you to re-focus your goals and gives you a renewed sense of purpose. Even if it only lasts approximately 12.5 days. Here are 12 apps to help you keep your 2014 resolutions. 12 apps that will help you keep your new year’s resolutions in 2014.
    6. Days are letting longer.
    You may be deep in the depths of post-festive gloom, but let’s not forget that the days are now getting longer. Every. Single. Day. That countdown to sunny beer gardens is on.
    7. Awards season is a-go.
    The Golden Globes and the Grammys both fall in January. Hello gorgeous gowns, heart-wrenching speeches and the inevitable epic on-stage gaff from J-Law. Bring. It. On. Love Jennifer Lawrence? Here’s her genius captured in 8 clips…
    8. Holiday planning can begin.
    It’s now officially acceptable to start booking this year’s summer holiday without looking like a over-eager sun-seeking loony. Or, if winter sun is more your thing, why not make the most of the January’s bargain last-minute deals and nip off to Dubai for a long weekend? (We should be so lucky).
    9. Online dating sites are busier.
    After the twinkly romance of Christmas, January can feel like a bleak, endless month. So make the most of’s huge membership spike between January and February and warm up those chilly evenings with a hot blind date date. Or three.
    10. The Most Depressing Day Of The Year CAN be beaten.
    All that lies ahead is five weeks of stretching out your post-Christmas pay cheque, scraping ice off your car every morning and trying to lose the 10lbs you gained after turkey-gate. It’s no wonder that January 16 was voted the Most Depressing Day of the Year. Instead of moping, embrace it by picking out your favourite frock for work, slicking on some statement lippy and strutting into the office in your fiercest stilettos. In your face, January.
    11. Dream body, here you come.
    You’ve eaten your body weight in mince pies and Quality Street. The sight of chocolate now makes you feel physically sick. There’s no better time to take advantage of your aversion to sugar/sweets/carbs than now. Try a juice cleanse, stock up on veggies and make the most of January’s slashed gym prices. Your body will thank you for it.
    12. National Dress Up Your Pet Day.
    January 14. Need we say more?

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