This is Sarah Jessica Parker's favourite outfit from Sex And The City

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If like me, you've rewatched every single episode of Sex And The City in lockdown (what else is there to do?), you'll have a newfound appreciation for the fashion in it, including pieces we're still obsessed with today, such as the iconic Fendi baguette bag, and that naked dress.

All credit goes to the show's stylist and costume designer, Patricia Field, who also worked on The Devil Wears Prada. Although it may shock you, when the show first started, before its success, designers weren't falling over themselves to lend their clothes to shoot, and in fact, every pair of Christian Louboutin shoes on the show had to be paid for.

Some of Carrie Bradshaw's most memorable designer outfits across the six seasons include a Dior newspaper dress, a green mini skirt with ruffle at the back by Vivienne Westwood and that pink Oscar de la Renta gown Aleksandr Petrovsky, aka 'The Russian', gifts Carrie in season six.

But out of all of these, does Sarah Jessica Parker have a favourite? She does indeed, and you'll be surprised to hear it isn't the tutu from the credits. Instead, she saved the very best for last.

It is in fact also a tutu dress, but the one from the very last episode of the show, the pale green one she wears with a gold blazer to accompany Aleksandr to his gallery, before realising she doesn't love him and running back to her chic Parisian hotel where the bumps into Big.

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SJP told Entertainment Weekly, 'I think I loved the tutu dress that I wore at the end of the Paris episode because it was an outfit that was about an image that Carrie had, which was, like so often happens to Carrie, what she wanted to project onto the scenario of wearing that dress, a pie in her face. That outfit got to tell so many stories, and it was such a romantic outfit and it was so delicate and it had so much grace to it, and it ran around Paris, and that was not how she had imagined that outfit.'

Meanwhile, Patricia Field's favourite looks also comes courtesy of the Paris episodes, this one being the gorgeous grey layered Versace gown that Carrie sadly doesn't get to wear out, because she waits all night in her hotel room for Petrovsky, who gets delayed at his gallery.

She said, 'Some people make these crocheted doily gowns that they put on dolls and it goes over a toilet-paper roll. They crochet this gown for a doll and the gown is really big, and then you just put the doll over the toilet-paper roll and it sits in their bathroom. I always found that hysterical. That's what that gown meant to me. When we shot [the next-to-last episode], Carrie was waiting for Aleksandr to come to her hotel room in Paris, and in the end he showed up very late. That gown is huge. I set that gown over the bed, and it literally covered the bed. It was the perfect princess moment.'

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