So… what exactly are girlfriend jeans?

Topshop Jeans buyer Keda Rich gives us the, erm, skinny...

As fashion authorities, you would have thought that every MC staffer worth their Laura Mercier bath salts should possess a no-cuts-barred knowledge of the season’s key denim trends. But when elusive batches of ‘girlfriend jeans’ began appearing on the websites of a few high street Goliaths in recent weeks, we have to admit we were a little taken aback.

Just who is this new girlfriend whose style we are destined to covet? And why must we always steal someone else’s signature denim wares (boyfriend jeans, ‘mom’ jeans, Victoria Beckham’s 2004 diamante crown flares…) anyway?

‘The Girlfriend is a more feminine version of the boyfriend jean cut, so yes, you could say she’s you!’ explains TOPSHOP Jeans Buyer Keda Rich.

‘It’s a more classic fit – tighter and higher on the hip, with a tapered slim straight leg. Made from more ridged denim, the style is more authentic and offers a flattering shape.” Well. Now we know.

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How to nail the look

Just when you thought we had exhausted the entire it-jean plethora, some clever designer (no doubt spurred on by a few LA hipsters) comes up with another style to fall for. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to denim design, but keeping us thinking about (and interested in) our wardrobe staples with subtle updates is surely no bad thing.

‘Next we won’t be borrowing jeans, but looking back into our wardrobes, getting out our old low rise boot leg flares from our teens,’ predicts Rich. OK, we might need some time to digest that one.

For now though, will you be wearing girlfriend jeans? Who are your denim style icons? (Ours are Britney and Justin). And which jean styles would you like to see make a comeback? Tweet us what you think @marieclaireuk.

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