10 Fail-Safe Ways To Keep Your Other Half's Christmas Present A Secret This Year

AKA 'how to pull the wool over the eyes of your loved ones'. Merry Christmas.

AKA 'how to pull the wool over the eyes of your loved ones'. Merry Christmas.

The Post Office has (potentially) ruined every gift giver’s surprise this year by revealing the top 10 hiding places Brits use to keep their presents a secret before the big reveal at Christmas. Number one being the wardrobe, natch.

With 23% of people surveyed admitted that they become detectives-in-training when it comes to seeking out their Christmas prezzies. And with Black Friday being all but a memory, it looks like the element of surprise has also died out online too with over half of the UK admitting to checking the browser history of loved ones to see what might be in their stockings. Shame on you. And the reason for all this snooping won’t surprise you. One in eight of the study’s participants said they’d prefer to know what their presents are in advance, so they can ask for something better if they don’t like it. Truly, it’s the Christmas spirit.

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So to make sure your Christmas present remains a surprise – and no one asks for a do-over – here’s our top 10 tips to keeping them stowed away safely and in secret. 1. Use Multiple Passwords

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No more password123 for all your online shopping, thank you. 2. Un-tick The ‘Remember Me’ Box When Shopping

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Classic. 3. Close The Browser

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I mean, c'mon… Standard practise, non? 4. Use A Click and Collect Service

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There’s nothing worse than having your partner’s present be signed by them. Yikes. 5. Clear Your Search History

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Appropriate for avoiding many-an-embarrassing situation. 6. Set Up A Personal Log In For Shared Computers

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Privacy 101, peeps. 7. Disable Text Messages On Your Phone From Your Tablet

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‘Package delivered’ might as well say ‘Open me now.’ 8. Set Up A Dedicated Email Address For Gifts

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We suggest dont.look.here.please@gmail.com… 9. Ensure You Check The Delivery Address For Each Order

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i.e. Send it to a friend's house and chill. 10. Don’t Store Items In An Online Cart For Long Periods Of Time

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Cut out the middle-man and just put a ‘LOOK AT ME’ tag on a present, why don’t you?

Have you had anyone snoop around for your Christmas presents, yet? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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