Margot Robbie's fave Aussie brand is chic and sustainable

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It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Australian fashion brands, who always seem to be at the forefront of chic, sustainable and timeless fashion.

One such fine example is Beare Park, which specialises in sophisticated and simple outfits, focusing on tailoring, that transcend trends. Actress Margot Robbie just happens to be a fan, having worn the designs a few times during premieres and off duty also.

It was launched at the Sydney Opera House during Australian Fashion Week 2021, and every garment is designed in Sydney by Co-Founder and Creative Director Gabriella Pereira, and crafted in limited runs by close suppliers to avoid waste. 

I sat down (virtually) with Gabriella to find out a bit more about the label that's taken the world by storm.

What made you start your own brand?

I was working in finance and continually struggled to find chic and simple luxury suiting that was ethically made and designed from a female perspective. I felt as though the professional woman who wanted to look chic while not worrying about what to wear was not thoroughly catered for. I think this was the main motivation for me to start Beare Park.

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What is the inspiration behind the collections?

Fabric comes first. It will always lead my design process, so the sourcing process is paramount. We are incredibly lucky to work with some of the oldest and finest mills throughout the world, from Osaka, Japan to the Biella region of northern Italy for silks, cottons and Australian merino wool. From there I design the collection around what I wish I had in my wardrobe. While this approach definitely has selfish motivations, I feel this is the most authentic approach toward design. I am very passionate about making pieces for women from a female perspective.

Tell me more about your approach to sustainability?

Each Beare Park garment is hand crafted in Sydney in limited runs by our community of master tailors. We are incredibly lucky to work with such talented artisans in Australia, as well as some of the finest mills throughout the world to hand source our fabrics. All have a profound understanding and commitment to quality and true craftmanship. Something that is evident to the wearer when wearing each piece. 

beare park

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Is it surreal seeing your designs on influencers and celebrities? How did Margo Robbie come to know the label?

It is always surreal to see my designs on anyone! To see the collection being appreciated and worn is the biggest driver for me and it’s incredibly profound to me that Beare Park forms a connection between me and women from all corners of the globe. It was wonderful to connect with Margot earlier this year and have her wear so many of our pieces, not only while she was home in Australia but back in the US. 

What's next for the label? 

We are in a really exciting stage of the business at the moment where we get to decide the direction and the pace (to a degree). We celebrated our 2nd birthday in October and have had such an incredible year – from becoming an Official Partner of the Commbank Matildas and National Breast Cancer Foundation, to expanding our international wholesale with new stockists including Bergdorf Goodman and Harrods. I am so grateful for the support we have received on both a local and international level. We will soon turn our attention to Australian Fashion Week 2024 where we will show for the 3rd time since our launch in 2021.

Shop some of Beare Park's most popular styles below.

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