Meet the fashion-forward footwear brand that marries comfort and style with a social conscience

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    We all know how important the right footwear is. Arguably more than another other fashion item, the shoes you choose can instantly transform a look – whether that’s chunky-heeled boots toughening up floaty winter florals or elevating more casual styles with one an elegant (and thoroughly on-trend) Mary Jane. And that’s before we even get to how heel height can balance out a hemline or lengthen the body in just the right way.

    The problem, then, is not (just) one of aesthetics, but comfort. Who hasn’t donned the ‘perfect’ shoe for an outfit or event and suffered for it later? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Enter Roccamore.

    ABOVE (From L-R)
    Frankie boots, £328 (390 EUR)
    Darling shoes, £210 (260 EUR)
    Mila shoes, £244 (290 EUR)

    The Danish brand creates beautiful fashion-forward footwear – yes, even stilettos – that doesn’t just look good, they is actually, genuinely more comfortable to wear. Really.

    Without getting too science-y about it, Roccamore’s USP is a specially-designed insole that allows the foot to move as anatomically correctly as possible in high heels. It took two years working with an orthopaedic shoemaker for shoe designer and Roccamore founder Frederikke Antonie Schmidt to develop and perfect, but the results speak for themselves – Roccamore shoes have been scientifically validated to relieve pressure in the arch, the forefoot and the heel. All of which adds up to a hellavalot more comfort for you and your feet (44%, 26% and 19% respectively, in fact).

    And with every pair handmade by a small family-owned business in Italy who themselves have been crafting the finest shoes across three generations, you can be sure every pair of Roccamore shoes doesn’t just look good but is made to last, as well as feeling great to wear.

    ABOVE (From L-R)
    Eve shoes, £244 (290 EUR)
    Mia shoes, £244 (290 EUR)

    ABOVE (From L-R)
    Charlie boots, £302 (360 EUR)
    Daisy boots, £302 (360 EUR)

    Roccamore and Dress for Success

    For many self-made entrepreneurs developing the successful business from what you set out to achieve would be enough. Not Frederikke Antonie Schmidt. For her it was always about making women’s lives better – in ways both big and small.

    Every International Women’s Day (8 March), she launches a crowdfunding campaign to support women and 2020 is no exception. This year Roccamore is collaborating with Dress for Success – a not-for-profit organisation that helps women with limited resources find jobs and change their lives for the better.

    ABOVE (From L-R)
    Alexa boots, £328 (390 EUR)

    Frederikke has designed a pair of glitter boots specially for the collaboration, all of the profits from which will go to Dress for Success. Roccamore is also donating with sample shoes and other footwear direct to the charity.

    It doesn’t stop there. Donate a pair of (lightly-used) Roccamore shoes of your own and you’ll get a 20% discount on your next purchase – make that purchase a pair of those glitter boots and it’s a pretty virtuous circle.


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