The 10 most iconic festive film looks of all time, as chosen by a fashion editor

'Tis the most stylish time of the year

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While Christmas is undoubtedly all about getting dressed up and going out, there’s something incredibly satisfying about curling up on the sofa with a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine and settling in to watch a comforting Christmas movie. Rather than seeing it as being anti-social during one of the busiest periods of the year however, I’ve decided to reframe things and instead I’ve been looking to my favouite Chrismas movies to gain some style inspiration so that when the next invite rears its head (and believe me, it won’t be long), I’ll be ready. 

Thankfully, it seems there’s ample inspiration to be gained from the most festive on screen stars. From Christmas party glam courtesy of Georgia Bird in The Last Holiday to cosy knitwear from Amanda Woods in The Holiday, these guys have got festive dressing all wrapped up. Plus, if they're good enough to have Jude Law swooning, these are definitely looks I’ll be recreating for my next night out. 

Scroll down for my pick of the 10 most iconic festive film looks of all time…  

1. Amanda Woods in The Holiday

Any woman who turns up with multiple suitcases for a short pre-Christmas getaway break is sure to turn out some impressive festive looks and Amanda Woods doesn’t disappoint. From her wrap coat, jeans and court heels right through to her array of  cable knitwear, you wouldn’t believe she was used to sunny Los Angeles by looking at these cosy looks.

2. The Haynes “sisters” in White Christmas

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Sister act Betty and Judy Haynes turn out look after iconic look in this classic Christmas film but it’s their red and white embellished outfits in the final scene that took my best dressed spot. Expertly accessoried with matching red and white jewellery, their swirling fur trimmed gowns are the epitome of festive dressing. 

3. Martha May Whovier in The Grinch

You’ll undoubtedly have seen this image of Martha May Whovier circulating on your social media feeds this Christmas and I couldn’t be happier that she’s finally getting the fashion recognition she deserves. This outfit alone is EVERYTHING: the feather trim, the sweeping train and the single ring of pearls, just perfection. 

4. Juliet in Love Actually

If you’re in need of winter wedding dress inspiration, be sure to rewatch Love Actually this Christmas and take a look at Juliet’s feather trim gown. Featuring a delicate v-neckline and sheer sleeves, we’re pretty sure she would have been shivering if she’d actually stepped outside in her dress but it definitely looked great and that's what matters right? 

5. Bridget Jones

Let’s be honest, if we’re really looking for inspiration on what to wear over the festive season, we’re probably going to be looking for something comfy to lounge on  the sofa in. Enter Bridget Jones, who once again proved she’s one of us, in her adorable penguin printed festive pyjamas. 

6. Mary Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life

While George Bailey was off running around with Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life, his wife Mary Bailey, played by Donna Reed, was at home looking like a picture perfect Christmas card. While you wouldn’t know from the original black and white film, her floral dress, featured a cream underskirt and dusty pink sheer sleeves, which makes it even more elegant in the remastered colour version. 

7. The Plastics in Mean Girls

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I saw The Plastics wearing Santa costumes and velvet gloves, so I bought a Santa costume and velvet gloves. No but really, these costumes should have ensured the girls won the winter talent show on style points alone, let alone the epic performance they put on on stage. A festive triumph!  

8. Kim Boggs in Edwards Scissorhands

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The ethereal light to Edwards darkness, I struggled to pick my favourite Kim Boggs look when rewatching Edward Scissorhands. This satin button down dress holds a special place in my heart however, not only because she wears it to dance in the snow like I can only dream, but also because it’s so 1980s in the best way possible. Just look at the belted neckline as proof. 

9. Georgia Bird in The Last Holiday

Nothing says festive dressing quite like an iconic red dress and this one which Queen Latifah wore in The Last Holiday is most definitely that. Featuring a sweetheart neckline and draped shoulder detail, it’s no wonder it stole everyone's attention when she sat down for dinner. 

10. Esther Smith in Meet Me In St. Louis

Of course I had to close up my list of the most iconic festive film looks with another red dress, this time from Judy Garland in Meet Me In St. Louis. Worn alongside pearl jewellery and a matching headpiece, I'm not sure there's a dress more perfect to wear to a Christmas ball. 

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