Our Obsession With Pyjamas Continues… 12 Brands We’re Loving Right Now

We're willing to bet that most of you never sit on the sofa in the clothes you've been wearing all day. If you're anything like us, as soon as you walk through the door, it's officewear off and lounge wear on. So, with that in mind, here is what you should be wearing in the post-work-before bed-when-chilling-at-home time.

1. Chinti and Parker

A super-cute striped tee, this goes perfectly with everything. And is slightly more formal than an actual pyjama top.

2. Derek Rose
We love this website. It has a specific loungewear section. Brilliant. This stripey silk number is heaven. And you could wear these bottoms on a night out with black strappy sandals and a bomber. Worth every penny, you see!

3. J. Crew
Cashmere hoodies are a must. Cotton hoodies are, quite frankly, not relaxing enough. We say, get 2 – one in pink and one in blue. Or…

4. ME+EM
Buy this hoodie – it’s slightly boxier and will show off your waist.

5. Dolce & Gabbana
Peeking out from under your cashmere hoodie must, of course, be a sexy bit of lace. This Dolce number is fitted, but not full of underwiring and boning, so it’s super-comfy. Tick, tick, tick. Go Dolce!

6. Marks & Spencer
If you’re wearing a cashmere hoodie you should be wearing cashmere joggers, too. Obvs. These beauties are a snip at under £100.

7. New Look
If you are naturally hot-blooded, then you can’t beat this über-cute short set from New Look. Smooth tanned legs preferable.

8. Olivia von Halle
If you prefer something a little more glam, go for this divine O.V.H set. She is the Queen of glam pyjamas, after all.

9. Zoe Karssen
Fun and comfy, these are what we would wear on a Saturday morning with the papers and James Martin on Saturday Morning Kitchen! It would also be totally acceptable to wear these out to the corner shop when topping up on supplies.

10. Gap
The oversized comfy tee. Who doesn’t have one? This one would be perfect teamed with above Zoe K joggers.

11. Equipment
Famous for its super-chic silk blouses, this French label has started doing pyjamas. Hurrah.

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