What Makes Men More Attractive To Women, According To Science

Tick all these boxes? Then you're in luck

Tick all these boxes? Then you're in luck

In a world where men actually demand £3.50 back from their uninterested dates, it can seem hard enough to imagine a decent bloke popping up on our Tinder. But according to science, men's personalities come second to their physical appearance, with a whole host of important traits playing a part in whether we'll be attracted to them or not. 

Tech Insider has compiled a list of things science says will determine whether men are attractive to women or not - and there are a hell of a lot of boxes to tick. 

The video says that while kindness, humour and effective flirting techniques go a long way, ultimately, women prioritise the physical appearance of the man. 

The video quotes scientific studies to show that women prefer bigger muscles as they indicate stronger reproductive qualities, while heavy stubble, or as they call it, an 'intermediate level of beardness', is important as it supposedly correlates with masculinity and dominance. 

They also place importance on men having symmetrical features, which apparently indicates sound health, while a define jawline makes men more masculine, and a deep voice renders them more memorable.

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Being taller can also help, as studies show that taller men are more successful at mating than their shorter cousins - and in unexpected news, a man with a darker limbal ring (the dark circle surrounding the iris in your eye) can seem more youthful and virile.

So when you thought we were staring into your eyes over that mojito, don't get carried away - we were just checking out the darkness of your limbal ring, obvs.

However, if you're a man with none of these qualities, don't despair, as there is one element you can control - apparently, women are more attracted to men who wear the colour red. 

We have to say we're a bit sceptical of all these qualities - after all, surely we're not shallow enough for personality to be completely irrelevant - but who are we to disagree with science?

What do you think of these physical traits? How important are they? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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