7 Of The Worst TV Show Endings Ever

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    Okay, we’re still on a Pretty Little Liar’s hype because you know… CECE WAS A AND WE ARE GUTTED. Seriously, trawling through hours of fan theories made us giddy with excitement at the thought of it turning out to be Aria as the evil murderer. But alas, it was the most obvious person we could think of.

    This got us thinking about the worst TV show endings around and have rounded up our most gutting moments…

    1.When we found out Dan was ‘Gossip Girl’

    DAN. DAN HUMPHREY. Like, the nicest kid ever was Gossip Girl. And he ended up marrying Serena after having sex with basically every female cast member. We were just so confused… 

    2.When everyone was dead in ‘Lost’

    Possibly the most confusing ending EVER they ended up all being dead and everyone just had a breakdown. How did they die? Were they dead all along? Did they die in the plane crash? Was the Island limbo, or was it hell? TELL US LOST.

    3.When they killed the mum off in ‘How I Met Your Mother’

    We spent the entirety of HIMYM becoming more and more endeared by the ‘mother’ that we finally got to meet… only for her to get killed off and Ted to marry Robin instead. WHAT?

    4.When ‘The Sopranos’ ended and we all thought our TV’s were broken

    Potentially one of the great programmes of all the time, the ending of Sopranos just cut out, mid-song and mid-scene, leaving us thinking… what has happened to Tony Soprano? 

    5.‘Dexter’ becoming a lumberjack

    Because nothing says justice like a chilling murderer walking free and becoming a lumberjack now, does it? 

    6.Did Walter actually die in ‘Breaking Bad’?

    Although the final series answered a lot of questions it did end with us wondering whether Walter White actually did die. Part of us are excited though because this does open up another potential series, but we know that probably won’t happen and we’ll be left wondering forever.

    7.Never finding out who killed Jenny Schecter in ‘The L Word.’

    The first-ever American series about lesbians was amazing… but the producers and writers of the show never actually told us which main character killed Jenny!

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