The 10 Most Memorable OMFG TV Moments Ever

From Scott and Charlene's wedding in Neighbours to Carrie and Big finally getting their happy ever after in Sex and the City (or not), here's our pick of some of our favourite sofa-gripping TV moments ever. We were there, where were you?

More than 20 million people (a whopping third of the country!) tuned in at some point during the ‘Who Killed Lucy Beale?’ week of EastEnders. With the who-done-it tweets still buzzing in our ears, it got us thinking about other ‘where were you when…’ TV moments.

Take a trip down memory lane with these nostalgic top telly moments…

Disclaimer: May contain spoilers.

Finding out who killed Danny Latimer – Broadchurch, 2013
The first series of Broadchurch with its ‘Who killed Danny Latimer’ storyline gripped us more than we’ve ever been gripped before. Was it the dodgy vicar, or the woman who runs the hotel, or the ever-lurking Pauline Quirke? Nope! *spoiler alert*
PJ goes blind – Byker Grove, 1993
Scott and Charlene’s wedding – Neighbours, 1987
Brookside lesbian kiss – Brookside, 1994
Tim and Dawn finally get together – The Office, 2003
The Corrie tram crash – Coronation Street, 2010

While it’s traditional to celebrate anniversaries with champagne, the script writers on Corrie
Breaking Bad finale 2014

Breaking Bad
When Ross and Rachel break up Friends, 1997
Sherlock falls to his death (or does he?) – Sherlock, 2012

The final episode of Sherlock
Big and Carrie finally get their happy ending Sex and the City, 2004

We’d be lying if we said Carrie and Mr Big’s on-again/off-again relationship didn’t drive us bonkers at times, but that all changed when Big finally came to his senses in the series finale. “It took me a really long time to get here, but I’m here,” he declared after following her all the way to gay Paris and finally admitting his love. Bless!

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