You won't believe what Sex and the City's Smith Jerrod looks like now

Mother may I.

Mother may I.

It's one of the most heated debates out there, who was the ultimate Sex and the City boyfriend?

Big? Aidan? Berger? Steve? Harry?

For us, Samantha Jones' toy boy and absolute hunk (remember that advert?) Smith Jerrod will always be our number one.

Fans of SATC will remember that Smith Jarred joined the show during its final series in 2004 and played the waiter turned actor who eventually stole the heart of Samantha (and the rest of the world). Actor Jason Lewis also reprised the role of Smith for both Sex and the City films in 2008 and 2010.

Well, seven years later and thanks to an unearthed Instagram account we can confirm that Jason is just as hot now as he was on the show.

And here's your proof (as if you need it).

A photo posted by on

Admittedly the actor is looking a little scruffier than a certain Ms. Jones may like, but we think he works the looks well.

Jason isn't the only actor who's changed a lot since the show ended all those years ago, just recently we were shocked by how grown up Brady Hobbes is now.

Since Sex and the City, Jason has gone on to star in How I Met Your Mother and is currently working on the film Half Magic.

Although with rumours of a SATC spin-off centred around Samantha Jones maybe he'll reprise the role of Smith Jarred once more?

We can only pray.