18 of the best life lessons from Sex and the City's Samantha Jones

Because who better to take life advice from, right?

samantha jones

Because who better to take life advice from, right?

Known best as the outspoken, sex-driven, I-don’t-care-what-you-think Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, we’re proud to admit that some of our biggest life mottos are taken from Kim Cattrall's on screen alter-ego.

From never caring what other people thinking about you to always dressing to impress, the woman inspired some of the best life advice.

So as we celebrate the birthday of one of Hollywood's greatest (and most fiercest) actresses, here are some of the top lessons we've learnt from our favourite character of hers.

1. Never let age dictate what you wear 

2. Always end on good terms with your ex, and remain mature throughout the aftermath.

3. Always be honest about the look you’re trying to go for. If you’re trying to impress/look sexy/couldn't care less what you look like today - just say it!

4. Always take exercising incredibly seriously… 

5. Never care what people think about you, embrace their bitchiness, and take it as a compliment.

6. Always be 100% honest with your friends

7. Never conform to society’s ideals of the way you should look, and act. 

8. Embrace your sexual prowess 

9. Approach all PDA situations with absolute caution – you never know who could be watching you!

10. Avoid thinking about anything too emotional and deep the moment your head hits the pillow at night

11. Always be honest about why you decided to cancel your plans/ditch your friends and that new bar opening/skipped the new yoga class you promised your housemate you’d go to

12. Never say no, and always take every opportunity life throws at you

13. Remain looking sober, despite how many [insert your favourite cocktail] you’ve rammed down your throat at post-work happy hour.

14. Always prove you’re up-to-date with current affairs and politics, as well as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the latest club night.

15. Never be too hard on yourself, and remember, you are your biggest fan

16. Never let a little heartache get you down

17. Take orders from no one – except obviously the Law… and your boss. 

18. Always aim to have a squad even Taylor Swift would be jealous of

It's safe to say that Samantha is a strong contender for our favourite Sex and the City character.

Now if only they'd hurry up and make a third movie...

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