Whatever happened to the cast of Skins?

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  • What's become of the people you desperately wanted to be when you were fifteen?

    Remember the E4 programme Skins? For the uninitiated (where were you?!), it was the hit teenage drama which followed a group of Bristol teenagers who were more interested in raving than revising for their GCSE mocks. Pretty much every teenager in the UK wanted to have a ‘Skins party’, and most of us liked to think that the show was a super realistic representation of our lives. Even if most of us had to settle for a couple of warm Bacardi Breezers in someone’s living room.

    Skins was a massive hit with people way outside of the target audience tuning in to see who was going to sleep with who that week, and each episode followed a different central character. The show had a massive seven seasons, though we think it’s fair to say that the first two were easily the best.

    The first episode of the show came nine years ago in 2007 – we know, terrifying. The cast, who were teens at the time, are all grown up these days, and the show seems to have given most of them pretty stellar careers. So where are the cast of Skins now since our favourite E4 show wrapped?

    First up is Joe Dempsie, who played loveable waster and drug enthusiast Chris. Chris’s death in the second season of the show was pretty much one of the most heart breaking things on TV. Since Skins finished, Joe’s had a pretty impressive career: he’s been in This is England 90 and Doctor Who, though he’s best know for playing Gendry in Game of Thrones. Sadly, Gendry has been missing for the last two seasons of the show, but we’re hoping might reappear any day now.

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