Ryan Gosling was almost in THIS hit TV show

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  • Mind. Blown.

    He’s probably best known for his role as heart-throb Noah Calhoun in The Notebook, but Ryan Gosling was almost cast in another super famous TV series back in the day. And we would have *definitely* approved.

    Well, it turns out that Ryan Gosling had previously auditioned for a role in none other than Gilmore Girls – and let’s face it, he would probably have ended up being a love interest of Rory’s, because, you know, he’s Ryan Gosling. In light of the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, this news has made our day. Here’s how it went down.

    The show’s casting director, Jami Rudofsky, had previously cast Ryan in an independent film before he became a huge star, she explained at the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in Connecticut over the weekend. Apparently, she initially did not like Ryan (what?!), ‘because he was late and he was blonde.’ Interesting.

    However, she then realised how much of an ‘amazing’ actor he was, and decided to let him audition for the part of a ‘football character’ on the show – which would have been seriously great. We know what you’re thinking: Why didn’t he make the cut in the end?

    Apparently, the audition was so bad that everybody questioned Rudofsky’s judgement, and he was therefore rejected for the part. Pretty ironic when you think about all of the *insanely* great Ryan Gosling movies that have come out since then, The Notebook, Drive, Crazy Stupid Love, The Big Short… Not to mention this year’s hotly anticipated La La Land, in which he’ll be reunited with Emma Stone. The list goes on and on.

    Is it definitely too late to squeeze Ryan Gosling into the revival? We have a feeling a Gosling appearance would now be a total hit with the audience.

    Someone make it happen?

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