A psychologist has accused this Love is Blind contestant of 'abusive' behaviour

She also says that the show's creators didn't call him out on it

Love Is Blind season 3
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There's always going to be drama on Netflix dating show Love is Blind - but a psychologist has said that one relationship on the show looked more like 'abuse' than love, calling out the show's creators for allowing them to let one of the contestants off.

Isabelle Morley, Psy.D wrote about the show on Psychology Today, calling the article 'The Unforgivable Mistake in the "Love Is Blind" Reunion'.

The show, which allows contestants to date 'blind' as they meet potential matches in pods and have to propose before even meeting them, has been a massive hit for Netflix with three seasons now available. 

However, concentrating on Matt and Colleen's relationship, psychologist Morley used the opinion feature to discuss how she felt Matt, who had previously been cheated on by his ex-wife, was abusive towards his partner - but was never called out on it during the reunion.

If you're a fan of the show you would have seen how mad Matt got when Colleen, who he paired with on the show, flirted with Cole, telling him he was 'her type'. Matt then goes on to call her out on it, becoming aggressive with his words and threatening to leave her.

Morley explains: "Matt forgivingly describes his behaviour when recalling the fight in Malibu. 'I did kinda lose my cool a little bit.'"

However, she adds: "No one calls him out on this inaccurate narrative. His behaviour was alarming and abusive; why aren't the other women defending Colleen and demanding Matt apologise, just as they supported Zanab?"

While this wasn't the only time we saw this behaviour from him on screen, viewers saw him act in a similar way when Colleen stayed out late with her girlfriends. 

"Not only do people not defend Colleen and reprimand Matt, they do the opposite: They hold Colleen accountable for crossing a line with Cole but do not see any problem with Matt's behaviour," adds Morley. 

However, it was the reunion where Morley believes the show's creators got it wrong, especially when Colleen had to rewatch the incident with Cole with Matt sitting next to her.

"You can see Colleen's body tense, her breathing change, and her heart race. She is stiff and anxious the entire episode. She barely smiles. She stumbles over words as she tries to explain. 

"She even apologises for getting emotional and crying. If she were presenting that way in my office, I'd be very worried about her."

Do you agree - should the creators of Love is Blind have shown that clip and made her explain herself? 

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