8 Things You Need To Know About Sense8

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  • Prepare to get obsessed (and slightly freaked out) as Netflix launches its new must-see series, Sense8. So what's the deal?

    1. Remember The Matrix? Sense8 is made by the same warped minds.
    Sibling double act Lana and Andy Wachkowski are finally giving in to fans and making their own TV show. But of course it’s not just any old sci-fi series – it’s an epic supernatural thriller about eight central characters hallucinating their way into each other’s lives. Also featuring a live birth. Obviously.

    2. You’ll be confused.
    The concept of mind-hopping is definitely difficult to get your head around. Our 8 ‘sensates’ include a Kenyan bus driver, a (very hot and often shirt-less) Mexican actor, a Korean businesswoman and an American transgender activist. A dramatic death sparks a psychic and emotional connection between them, while a mysterious master criminal keeps popping up to stress them out. We know, but stick with it.

    3. There will be answers.
    Daryl Hannah promised us we will find out what on earth is going on as the series unfolds (we made her swear on Chanel a la Carrie Bradshaw). ‘It’s not a show like Lost that’s forever mysterious, things do get resolved and it’s very satisfying’. Phew.

    4. Daryl Hannah is making her TV debut.
    She’s kicked ass in Blade Runner and Kill Bill, romanced Tom Hanks in Splash and even played Robbie Williams’ love interest in the music video for Feel. But she’s never been in a TV series (possibly something to do with the fact she doesn’t actually own a TV). Daryl plays Angel, the tragic figure whose death triggers so many strange goings-on.

    5. It reminds us of Heroes… but darker.
    There’s something very familiar about a group of troubled strangers fighting against weird apocalyptic forces they don’t understand. Unfortunately there’s nobody quite as lovable as Hiro Nakamura, no Zachary Quinto and zero cheerleaders to save… as yet.

    6. You’ll get wanderlust
    There’s no telly trickery here – the cast and crew have been filming all over the world from India to San Francisco to Berlin. Lucky them.

    7. Tuppence Middleton is about to go stratospheric
    This talented Bristol-born actress has been flying under the radar for years, but her role as London-based Icelandic DJ, Riley is sure to propel her to superstardom (especially with her stunning new Scandi blonde locks). Watch out for former Doctor Who star Freema Agyman too, who has a scene-stealing role as out and proud lesbian Amanita.

    8. All 12 episodes are available on Netflix now.
    There goes your weekend.

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