Katherine Heigl talks advice-giving and the pressure on women to be ‘perfect’

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  • We hear you, Katherine...

    If there’s one thing we love about Katherine Heigl, it’s her honesty. She’s never been one to shy away from having an opinion, particularly when it comes to matters that concern women.

    Ahead of her new film, Unforgettable, we caught up with Katherine to talk about her role and the pressure women constantly put on themselves to be ‘perfect’.

    Like most people, Katherine reckons social media has a pretty big hand in why we feel so under pressure, as we only share the things we want other people to see.

    ‘We’re presenting snippets of our lives that are the perfect snippets, you know?’ she explained. ‘I just recently decided I’m going to do a week – as much as I can because it’s hard for me too to just take the mantel of make-up off! – and show the world like: “here’s me with no filters, people.”

    ‘That’s hard to do, but I’m thinking I kind of want to spearhead it and see how it feels to just let it go, and go: “hey, this is me with the spit-up all over my shirt, no cute filter, no pretty background and no make-up” like, you’re welcome.’

    So it goes without saying that she’s very down to earth and wise. But what’s the best bit of advice Katherine herself has ever received?

    ‘My mother is my go-to for wisdom, [she’s] very, very smart and has had a lot of life experience that has lent itself towards wisdom. Her advice is to find your inner strength, to be unapologetic for who you are and to be nobody’s doormat.’

    To whet your appetite, watch the compelling trailer for Unforgettable below…

    Unforgettable is out in UK cinemas from 21st April

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